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Top 5 Tips To Stay Positive During Corn Silage Harvest

Top 5 Tips To Stay Positive Corn Silage Harvest

Regardless if you are harvesting for corn silage or hay, the days will seemed extra long and the amount of work ahead never seems to end. Here are 5 tips to help you stay positive during these peak period:

Corn Silage Harvest Tips

  1. Keep an extra cell phone charger close to you just in case your phone battery runs out!

  2. Pack coolers or snacks for morning and afternoon. It is crucial to ensure you are not hungry as it will affect your mood.

  3. Try to stretch, yoga or meditate during your breaks which will help reduce stress.

  4. Asking for help when needed. Dairy community is full of people willing to help! Do not hesitate to ask for any help if required.

  5. Sharing jokes to keep everyone's spirit up! Laughter is the best medicine as it helps to reduce stress.

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