The 3 R's of Nutrient Byproducts

August 26, 2019

Lately, it is crucial to pay attention to sustainability. One way to reduce carbon footprint is to explore the use of nutrient byproducts in your ration.


A nutrient byproduct is the leftover commodity after the initial product has been produced. Here are the 3 R's of nutrient byproducts:



  • When feed is produced, farmer often throw away what is left.

  • Instead, utilizing the nutrient byproducts will enable the farmers to reduce waste sent to landfill.

  • Some of these feed ingredients can also be sold or given away to other farmers, reducing your feed cost.



  • If possible, try to find ways to reuse the leftover products.

  • By reusing leftover products, less excess material will end up in landfill.

  • Blending nutrient byproducts into feed ration will give food scraps new value.



  • Recycle means breaking down used item into raw material to be used for new items.

  • Adding nutrient byproduct to TMR could potentially improve the taste and thus improve dry matter intake.

  • This will definitely improve the profitability of the farm.

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