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Why Preserve Forage

Why Preserve Forage

Forage is a very important resource as it provides the necessary fibrous component in cow's diet. It is essential for healthy rumen function.

Compared to other resources, it is considered one of the cheapest form of energy as well as protein available for the animals. A low quality forage will lower the performance of animal or increase the amount of feed additives needed, which can make the difference between having a profitable farm or not.


In order to maximise the performance of the cows, it is important to ensure that the potential nutritional value of the forage is successfully achieved. Hence, it is important to have good preservation and storage techniques as well as making the right choice of forage for your system.

Forage preservation system as well as crop varieties has evolved tremendously over the last few decades as there are new technologies which allow the preparation and feeding of high dry matter mixed forage diets.


During this period, the grass silage dry matters have increased by about 5% per decade and alternative forages such as maize have become a big part of the cows' ration, now representing up to 20% of forage diet.

Key Point On Why Preserve Forage

  • Produce nutritionally balanced ration to optimise the animal's performance.

  • Maximise home grown forage in order to meet performance and profit targets.

  • In order to conserve high quality forages with minimal loss of quality and quantity when fresh forage is not available.

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