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Benefits of Herbs for Chicken Health

Benefits of Herbs for Chicken Health

Consumption of chicken has been increasing in recent times. However, this has also raised some medical issues in respect to chicken health due to not handling properly. Unhealthy environment along with improper handling will create parasites in chicken which will not only affect the health of the chickens but also the health of humans. One solution is to use herbs. Here are some of the uses of herbs that are beneficial for the health of the chicken.


  • Comfrey is filled with tonic food and protein. It also contains high level of calcium and potassium.

  • It is beneficial as a source of amino acids.

  • Feeding this herb daily will help to improve the health of your herd as well as helping them lay eggs with golden yolk.



  • Feverfew is very effective in controlling mites and lice which poses serious threats to the health of chickens.

  • It produces self seeds and ample of flowers which can be converted into a tea and sprayed to control mites and lice.


Gotu Kola

  • Gotu Kola serves as a very useful tonic for chickens.

  • It can also be used for external skin conditions

Gotuk Kola


  • Nasturtium has antibiotic as well as antiseptic characteristics to help repel insects away for the chicken.



  • Nettle is rich in minerals and vitamins.

  • It is also useful in preventing chickens against worms.

  • It can also be added with comfrey after dying to give a boost for laying eggs.

Herbs & Chicken Health
  • Sometimes, you may notice your chickens getting less active or becoming unhealthy even though proper food, water and shelter are provided.
  • This could happen due to declining immune system.
  • You may be providing proper hen feed, but sometimes that is not enough.
  • Giving them proper diet which includes useful herbs is very important.
  • These herbs have necessary proteins and vitamins which will help strengthen the immune system of your flock.
  • It also helps to combat any parasites in the chickens.
  • The stronger the immune system of your flock, the healthier they are, the more eggs they are able to produce.
  • Herbs are not only useful to increase the immune system of the chickens, they also provide necessary calcium and proteins that helps in the nourishment of these chickens.
  • Healthy chickens will produce eggs that are rich in protein and calcium.
  • These eggs will then be consumed by people which will help improve the health of the population as well.
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