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Boost is an energy supplement made from pure fatty-acid product obtained by fractionation of palm fat. The fatty acids are split off specifically from the fat molecules and sprayed to form a dry, free-flowing fat powder

Rumen Bypass Fat

What Is Boost?

  • This makes it resistant to fast oxidation and spoilage.
  • It also has a high melting point of 58ºC.
Rumen bypass fats
Trial Test Results
  • For comparison with the zero control, 2% PureBoost (percentage of the dry feed weight) were added as a supplement.
  • As a result of this supplementation the fat content of the milk increased from 3.88% to 4.18%.
  • This represents a highly significant increase in the quantity of milk fat from 1.23 kg to 1.33 kg per cow and day.
  • Correspondingly the milk quantity, 3.5% FCM, also increased significantly by 1.7 kg per day 
Bypass Fat Chart
Economic evaluation of the use of PureBoost in US $
  • The table shows a comparison between control and PureBoostWith the addition of 2% PureBoost to the dry feed, the production of FCM was higher with PureBoost.


  • This also shows that although the feed uptake of the PureBoost group was lower than in the control group, PureBoost enables the cows to meet their energy requirements with a smaller feed uptake. 

  • The economic evaluation of the trial on the basis of prices at the time of the trial shows that the addition of PureBoost offers a definite economic benefit.

  • In order to verify these results, a second trial was carried out with identical usage levels (2% PureBoost). This led to significantly higher values for PureBoost with 4% more milk, 3% more FCM, 3% more ECM and 3% more protein.

Bypass Fat Table
Vegetable Fat
Rumen bypass fat
Boost is a dry, pure vegetable fat with high energy content. Under Boost, there is PureBoost with a C:16 min 80% and UltraBoost with a C:16 min 98%.

PureBoost 80

Typical Analysis (%)

Fat (%)
Min 99
Melting Point (°C)
57 - 60
IV Value (mg/100mg)
Max 12
Moisture (%)
Max 1.0

Fatty Acid Profile 

Min 80
4 - 7
8 - 12
Max 3
NEL Mcal/kg ~ 6.55 

PureBoost 98

Typical Analysis (%)

Fat (%)
Min 99
Melting Point (°C)
Min 60
IV Value (mg/100mg)
Max 0.3
Moisture (%)
Max 1.0

Fatty Acid Profile 

Max 2
Min 98
Max 2
NEL Mcal/kg ~ 6.55 


  • 25 kg paper bag with PP-Woven inlay
  • 625kg jumbo bag


  • Store in a cool and dry place, in original unopened bags, without direct exposure to sunlight
  • Soft lumping may happen if it is stacked too high with many bags.
Bypass fat
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