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Feed & Nutriton For Layer

Feed & Nutrition For Layer

Feeds are important for poultry to improve the health and productivity of the chickens. There are a number of types of feeds that can be fed to poultry. Chickens require varying levels of feeds and nutrition during different stage of growth. In general, all feeds must contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and so on. Lacking in any of those would seriously impact the growth development of the chicken. Below are some of the types of feeds used in farms:

1. Starter Feeds

  • Starter feeds are fed to chicks for a period of 6 weeks after hatching.

  • They are important for the growth of newly hatched chickens.

  • They contain around 18 - 20% of protein.

2. Developer And Grower Feeds

  • Once the birds reach 6 weeks of age, it is time to switch to grower feeds. 

  • These feeds contain about 15% protein which is important for maintaining the growth of the animal.

  • Once the chick reach 14 weeks of age, it is recommended to switch to developer feeds.

  • Developer feed is crucial for preparing the chickens for egg production.

  • Both developer and grower feeds can also be interchanged within the time spans specified above.

3. Layer And Breeder Feeds

  • Once the chicken starts to lay eggs, you have the option to switch to layer or breeder feeds.

  • Layer feeds are best suited for hens laying eggs for home or table use.

  • These feeds contain around 16% protein and high amounts of calcium so that the eggs produced have stronger shells in them.

  • Breeder feeds on the other hand are best suited for birds that produce eggs for hatching.

  • These feeds are similar to layer feeds but varies in terms of protein levels.

  • They also contain extra vitamins to improve the health of the animal.

4. Medicated Feeds

  • Medicated feeds are prepared to make the chickens immune to various diseases and virus.

  • These feeds are usually not present in the layer and breeder feeds.

  • It is important to ensure the medicated feeds you use have gone through major researches and analysis so that it is safe to use on your flock.

5. Water And Scratch Grains

  • It is crucial to provide adequate water to the chickens for growth and developments of the eggs.

  • Chickens also have the habit scratching using their feet.

  • By making use of such grains, this behaviour can be reinforced.

  • The feeds used for this purpose are usually cracked or rolled.

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