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Nutrition Guide Of Broiler For High Quality Meat

Nutrition Guide of Broiler For High Quality Meat

It is the focus of poultry producers all around the world to produce high quality meat. This is mainly due to consumer concerns about the quality of poultry they consume. It is also crucial for poultry producers to standardise all the phases of poultry meat production so that customers are satisfied. Consumers are also increasingly more interested in knowing the food the birds are fed at the broiler growing stage.

Growth & Development

  • It is important to provide the chickens with an environment that would come to encourage their growth and well being.

  • Consumers are now concern about the muscles and fat ratios 

  • However, little importance is being paid on the skeletal developments of the chickens.

Energy Intake

  • The birds will make necessary adjustments among themselevs to control the amount of energy they consume.

  • However, it is the poultry producer's responsibility to monitor the nutrient requirements of broilers as well as the feed consumption at all times.

  • If energy intake is either too much or too little, then an increase in meat deposition might occur.

  • Weight of the chicken will also increase, mainly due to fat deposition which is not what the consumers want.

  • Hence, it is crucial for producers to optimise energy intake in a controlled manner so that extra fats are not accumulated.

Intake Of Minterals, Vitamins & Amino Acids

  • Amino acids play a vital role in the formation of proteins and broiler feed intake.

  • There are a variety of amino acids which are available in the market and can be brought to some practical use in controlling the amount of energy the animals require for normal performance.

  • Besides that, minerals and vitamins are also crucial for growth of the animals.

  • With that being said, minerals should be presented in a more controlled amount to comply with the needs of the birds.

  • Minerals are vitamins are also important for the immune systems of the animals which help that combat various diseases and virus attacks.

Creation Of Superior Products

  • By manipulating dietary supplements and foods, carcass quality can be improved.

  • However, increasing carcass quality might also lead to the deposition of unsaturated fatty acids which are not desired by consumers.

  • Hence, it is important for all foods and supplements to be stabilised in order to ensure fat deposition remains minimal.

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