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Quality Issues Of Feed

Quality Issues Of Feed

One important aspect of quality control is safeguarding against any potential contaminants in the by-product feeds. In general, the raw materials used for manufacturing food has been screened to ensure that there are no mycotoxins and other potentially harmful contaminants before use. Hence, the by-products are safe for animal consumption so as long as they are handled and stored properly.

With that being said, there have been cases where by-products from the non-food industry sources were contaminated and caused either the death of numerous animals or condemnation of the animals.

As a precaution, producers should ask the manufacturers what sort of quality control measures that they used to safeguard against contamination of the by-product with mycotoxins or other harmful compounds. 

As the production of biofuels increases, there will be instances where treated seed or fermentation products from other industries are used to make ethanol or biodiesel. The by-products from these products will potentially be fatal to those animals that consume them.

There are also "unusual" by-products that may be available for use. Examples include candy, cocoa by-product, vegetable residues, fruits and so on. Extra precaution needs to be taken when using such by-products. Producers must run analysis on such by-products before they can be included in the ration. It is best that the producers seek help from experienced nutritionist to ensure that such by-products are suitable to be used in the ration.

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