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Infographic: Top 10 export markets for US broilers

USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) data shows where the most U.S. chicken meat was shipped during the month of July

Mexico is still the largest importer of U.S broiler during the month of July by a large margin at 110 million pounds. This is compared to the second largest importer, Cuba, at 47.7 million pounds during that month.

By looking at the data from USDA Economic Research Service (ERS), there seems to be a decline in U.S broilers shipped to Mexico from June with 121.4 million pounds compared to the 110 million pounds shipped in July.

Other countries with shipments that exceed 10 million pounds are Chile, Georgia, Haiti and Colombia. The report also provided figures for U.S. broiler exports to Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Congo, Ghana, Turkey and Jamaica.

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