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How To Clean A Cow

How To Clean A Cow

Cleaning a cow properly will keep the animal feeling good. Here are some tips on how to clean a cow:

Sprinkler System

  • You can add a sprinkler in a pre-milking wash pen for multiple cows.

  • In this system, install sprinklers all along the pen you hold the cows before milking.

  • Concrete floor is recommended as it will keep the floor dry quickly and will avoid muddy area.

Scrubbing down a cow

  • First thing to do is to secure a cow outside with a rope tied to the collar for cleaning a cow in this system.

  • Ensure the cow cannot walk in circles or get tangled by the rope.

  • Try to clean the cow during warm day as cows do not like cold water.

Using brush

  • Use a comb or brush to clean out the loose hair and dirt.

  • Start to brush the cow on dirty areas including the stomach and legs.

  • Follow the grain of the hair so that they are not agitated.

  • Hose the cows from top to bottom before brushing.

Using soap

  • You can use soap to clean a c ow.

  • Rub the soap in with a scrub brush and start to brush the cows in a circular motion.

Scrub the cow

  • Use scrub brush and scrub the cow down thoroughly.

  • Scrub brush is good for scrubbing out the dirt.

  • Brush straight down from top to bottom when you are done scrubbing.

Rinse and dry the cow

  • Rinse the cow with clean water.

  • Spray the cow down with water starting from back of head.

  • Run your hand down the cow to ensure that the cow is no longer soapy.

  • After cleaning, you can let the cow air dry in the sun.

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