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Expected Production Of A Holstein Cow

Expected Production Of A Holstein Cow

Here's some figures of expected production for a Holstein cow. This can help you figure out if your herd is over or under performing.

  • Average daily milk production per Holstein cow with decent nutrition would be minimum of 60 pounds of 4% fat corrected milk.

  • If the herd has excellent nutrition and management, it could go up to 70 or 80 pounds of 4% fat corrected milk.

  • Average peak milk production for first calf heifers is normally around 7 - 14 pounds over average daily production for the lactation.

  • As for second lactation, older animals usually produce 15 - 30 pounds over average daily milk production.

  • Generally, mature cows and heifers will peak within 5 - 10 weeks after calving.

  • After animals reach peak milk production, the average decline in milk per month is generally 10 - 15% for most of the lactation.

  • If the herd has good nutrition, the decline may be slower.

  • In late lactation, cows may experience 12 - 20% decline.

  • A normal lactation length for cows is 290 to 310 days. Anything below 270 days is considered short.

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