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Benefits of Raising Chickens

Benefits of Raising Chickens

Why Raise Chickens?

Most people assume it is just for the eggs or meats. With that being said, birds give us so much more than just that. They each have their own personality, they entertain us and make us laugh. Here are some of the reasons why it is a great idea to raise backyard chickens:

Fresh Eggs And Meat

One of the biggest reason to raise backyard chickens is that you are able to produce your own food. When the backyard flock are cared for properly, each chicken can produce up to 300 eggs per year. They are also able to provide quality meat for your family.

Self Sufficient

Sometimes, backyard flocks are also known as "pets with benefits". They are able to self-sufficiently care for your family. Depending on city ordinances, flocks can be housed in a coop with an outdoor run or allowed to roam free-range. In any case, they will help improve the health of your soil by tilling the earth with their feet and beaks and thus, this will naturally help fertilise the soil. The chickens can also help control insect population as they will eat the bugs.

Backyard Entertainment

Each bird are unique and will have their own individual personality. You will start to learn their distinct personalities and this will make caring for them even more enjoyable.

Whether it is watching the flock running around from your backyard or seeing them helping the baby chicks settle into their brooder, they are definitely a source of entertainment for your family.

Opportunities for Chicken Shows

Many flock raisers also enjoy exhibiting their chickens at local,regional, national or even international shows. At these shows, the birds are being judged based on the criteria set by the judges which are usually based on body confirmation, colour and feather quality. Going to these shows also offers the opportunity for flock raisers to meet up and learn new tips of flock care from each other.

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