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Selecting The Right Bird

Selecting The Right Bird

Before you start a flock, arguably the biggest decision is to decide what type of birds would you like to raise: birds for laying eggs, birds for meat or exhibition birds.

Egg Layers

One of the main reason why people choose to raise birds is for their fresh and wholesome eggs, which is a good source of food for the family raising it. By providing proper care and nutrition to the flock, certain breeds are able to produce up to 300 eggs per year.

Besides chickens, there are other species that are capable of laying good quality eggs such as ducks and turkey. With that being said, if you have made up your mind and choose chickens for egg production, you would need to decide the colour of egg shells you prefer.

Below are a list of breeds which are famous for producing high numbers of coloured eggs:

  • White Eggs - Leghorn, Polish

  • Brown Eggs - Black Star, Rock

  • Blue Eggs - Ameracauna

  • Light Green Eggs - Olive Eggers

  • Dark Brown Eggs - Marans

Most flock raisers will want to have a variety of breeds as they enjoy different colour eggs.

As for duck eggs, a recommended breed to raise is the Pekin or Indian Runner. On the other hand, most turkey breeds are comparable in egg productions. But if you prefer one where they start laying at a younger age, then the Spanish Black turkey breed is the one to go for.

Birds For Meat

Another reason why flock raisers want to raise birds is for their quality meat. By raising your own birds, you are able to decide every aspect of how the birds are being raised.

Different types of birds have different flavours. It is up to your personal preference which types of birds do you want to raise.

  • Turkeys - Popular for providing good amount of white and dark meat.

  • Duck - Pekin is the most common type of breed. As for lean meat, Muscovy is commonly chosen.

  • Greese - Known for lush and flavourful meat. They also contain high amounts of body fat, which can add flavour.

  • Chickens - The most popular type of meat birds. Known for their high quality meat and good source of protein.

Dual Purpose Breed

Birds that are good for producing eggs and high quality meat are known as dual purpose breed. The popular breeds are Rocks, Sussex and Wyandottes.

Show Birds

In general, poultry shows would have classes for all types of poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkey and so on.

If you show interest in poultry exhibition, first, try look into local show options. Generally, choosing a popular breed will help to build relationship with other breeders as well as provide options for new genetics. On the other hand, by choosing a unique breed, you are able to stand out.

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