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You Need Healthy Chickens To Get Wholesome Eggs

You Need Healthy Chickens To Get Wholesome Eggs

Egg, that is considered one of the most nutritious food can be further enhanced by improving what is fed to the hen.

Hens are naturally good at incorporating what they eat into eggs they lay. Take hens that are fed with ground flaxseed for example, they will produce eggs that are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a very important omega-3 fatty acid. On the other hand, hens that are fed with algae meal will produce eggs that have high amount of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), another important and valuable omega-3 fatty acid.

Most poultry feed today includes vitamin D as it increases the concentration in eggs. Another important thing to take note is that the colour of yolk is influenced by pigments the hen consumes. If the hens are fed poorly with a diet that consist of unfortified starch grains and table scraps, it will have an adverse effect on the nutrition of the egg. A poor diet would also decrease the egg production and the eggshells will be thinner, causing breakage and wastage.

Back in the olden days, not much is known regarding the nutrition required by hens compared to what we know now. It is very important to feed a balanced diet to the hens which contains adequate nutrition such as vitamins and minerals to ensure that the hens are healthy, thus producing wholesome eggs.

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