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Belted Galloway

Belted Galloway

The Belted Galloway is a breed beef originating for Galloway (a region in southwestern Scotland). They are usually raised for their quality marbled beef. However, they are sometimes milked and purchased to adorn pastures mainly because of their peculiar appearance.

Breed History

The origin of the Belted Galloway is not really known. Popular belief states that it resulted from crossing the ancient Galloway with the Dutch Belted cow during 17th - 18th century.

The distinct and ancient Galloway cattle were in Scotland long before that and they originated in the counties of Kirkcudbright and Wigtown area of south west Scotland. Due to the breed's attractive appearance as well as renowned for its hardiness, the Galloway quickly flourished in the UK.

A Polled Herd Book which registered both Aberdeen-Angus as well as Galloways was started in the year 1852. By 1878, Galloway breeders have acquired their own herd book. The Dun and Belted Galloway Association was formed in Scotland in the year 1921 and 1951 respectively. Later, the name of the organisation was changed to the Belted Galloway Society while dun cattle were no longer registered.


  • They are naturally polled (no horns)

  • Visible characteristics include long hair coat and broad white belt that encircles the animal's entire body

  • Bulls weigh from 770kg - 1,000kg with the average being around 830kg

  • Cows weigh from 450kg - 680kg with the average being around 560kg

  • Calves weigh on average around 30kg

  • Well suited for rough grazing land

  • Slow to mature, so the beef has a special flavour

  • Able to live long, usually well into their twenties

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