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Combating Pesky Flies During The Summer

Combating Pesky Flies During The Summer

It is crucial to have a cattle fly control program in place way before summer time where those pesky flies will start to emerge. A well planned, holistic fly control program will ensure that the calves are healthier and increased performance.

A simple and effective way to control fly populations is to use feed-through larvicide:

  • They do not require extra labour as compared to other fly control options.

  • Feed-through larvicide can be easily combined with an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM). Using a multi-faceted approach to pest control to make the most out of the fly control program.

  • It has an Insect Growth Regulator in the manure where the flies lay their eggs. This will stop the fly life cycle by preventing the fly larvae from eventually becoming adult flies.

Feed-through larvicides should be fed from 30 days before flies appear through to 30 days after the first killing frost for maximum efficiency.

While feed-through larvicide is extremely efficient in controlling the fly populations, here are some other control tips which will help keep the fly populations to a minimum:

  • It is important to identify the type of flies present and locate where the maggots might possibly be. Doing this will help eliminate additional fly breeding locations as well as determining how to make these locations less attractive for the flies.

  • Determine if there are other fly control methods which will help reduce the fly populations in the areas identified.

  • Ensure the feed are kept fresh and dry as molasses can be an attractant to flies.

  • Try to avoid accumulating feed, manure and water as they will attract flies.

  • Use scatter baits for adult flies if needed.

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