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Collecting Heifer Data To Improve Herd Performance

Collecting Heifer Data To Improve Herd Performance

Ensure proper nutrition is the first step to keep the calves growing and achieve their full potential. With that being said, it is equally important to collect and review heifer data in order to improve performance of the herd.

Here are some tips on collecting heifer data:

1) Gathering baseline numbers

Measure the weights and hip heights during:

  • Birth

  • Weaning

  • 4 - 6 months

2) Setting goals

Compare the weights and heights of your herd to the industry standards. Does your herd meet or exceed those benchmarks?

If it does not meet the benchmark, it is important to find out why and rectify such problems.

3) Measuring progress

It is important to evaluate goals regularly. If it is not possible to monitor for all heifers, focus on the youngest one.

It is also crucial not to overlook evaluating:

  • Treatment costs

  • Mortality rate

  • Heifer pregnancy rate

  • First lactation milk production

4) Calculating success

It is important to evaluate the data collected to find out how successful is your heifer raising program over time. Is the cost per pound of weight gain getting less? Can you improve the current results?

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