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3 Important Questions To Ask Your Nutritionist

3 Important Questions To Ask Your Nutritionist

A good nutritionist will do more than just ration formulation. They serve as a consultant constantly looking out how to help their clients. It is highly encouraged for producers to ask nutritionist questions regularly. Here are the 3 important questions to ask your nutritionist:

1) How does my feed costs compared to other producers?

  • Feed is the largest source of cost for a dairy farm.

  • It is crucial to have the lowest cost of production per unit of output.

  • Your nutritionist should have a broad enough network to inform you how your feed cost compares to other farms.

  • Besides feed cost per cow, it is also important to look at feed cost per hundredweight.

  • This is because it properly accounts for the facility's milk sold.

  • It should also encompass everything from the forage program and commodity procurement all the way through to wasted feed

2) Why is the reason behind the nutrition recommendations?

  • As a dairy producer, you need to be confident in the information you receive.

  • Your nutritionist should be able to tell you what is the latest practices by farmers.

  • There is no one size fits all model in the dairy industry.

  • Your nutritionist should be able to explain to you why did they formulate the ration in such a way, why are the nutrient specs set where they are, how it fits with the feed inventory and so on.

  • These questions would ensure that you understand the reasoning behind your nutrition program.

3) What are the next steps to gaining another pound of milk?

  • Today's dairy cows have the genetic potential to produce a lot of milk.

  • High producing cows will have the best productive efficiency which is vital for profitability and minimising environmental impact.

  • Often times, the limiting factor is the environmental around the cows.

  • Cows that are high performing often have minimal stress.

  • Your nutritionist should be able to identify stresses that causes milk production to stall.

  • By having conversations on how to improve milk yield with your nutritionist, you will be able to adjust and plan for high milk production.

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