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Fresh Cow With Good DMI Improves Profitability

Fresh Cow With Good DMI Improves Profitability

Cow's energy needs increase tremendously post-calving. Cows with high average dry matter intake (DMI) post-calving will be able to meet the increased nutrient demands for milk production.

Here are some benefits of having fresh cows with good DMI:

  • Fresh cows wit good DMI will reach peak production earlier and lose less weight post-calving.

  • High producing cows that reach peak production earlier will produce more milk over their entire lactation period.

  • Each additional kilogram of milk translates into 200 kilogram of milk produced over the course of the cow's lactation

  • Cows with good DMI post-calving will also experience less negative energy balance (NEB) and will lose less weight post-calving.

  • Studies have also shown that cows losing more than one body score condition (BCS) after calving to first breeding will on average have conception rates of 38% as compared to 50% (no change in BCS) and 61% (cows gaining 1 BCS).

  • Cows with good DMI will begin cycling earlier and have higher quality follicles which improves reproductive performance.

  • If a fresh cow is not meeting her nutrient demands, she will mobilise body fat to make up for the difference.

  • As DMI decreases, the more fat she must mobilise, leading to fatty liver disease and ketosis, affecting liver function.

  • Hence, cows with higher DMI post-calving will be able to meet more of their nutrient needs and mobilise less fat, reducing risk of ketosis and fatty liver disease.

  • Lower DMI will also cause cows to have less rumen fill which will contribute to an increase in the number of cows having a displaced abomasum (DA). By having higher DMI, the rumen will occupy more space which keeps the abomasum in the correct position.

Ways to improve DMI in fresh cows:

  • Dry cow and close up nutrition programs are crucial to help cows have a successful transition to lactation by controlling weight gain and preparing cow for the energy and mineral demands of the ensuing lactation.

  • It is also important to make sure cows are sufficient space and they are comfortable.

  • Studies have also shown that DMI can be increased by 0.62 kg/head/day by feeding specific strains of yeast culture.

  • Increased DMI can also help cows return to positive energy balance and reduce weight loss.

  • With positive energy balance, cows will be healthier and produce more milk.

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