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High Quality Forage Reduces Purchased Ingredients

High Quality Forage Reduces Purchased Ingredients

A high quality ration is one where it puts the health of the cow above everything else. Here are some important points on high quality ration that are really effective:

  • It is encouraged to keep a good amount of forage in the ration as it helps to maintain excellent effective fiber levels.

  • The ration is also balanced for amino acids. By not overfeeding protein, it is able to improve the cow's health and lower feed costs at the same time.

  • In addition to that, using rumen modifiers in the ration will help to keep feed costs in line as well as optimizing rumen function.

  • The key to having a quality ration is to have abundant supply of high quality corn silage as well as haylage.

  • Feeding high quality forages to your herd will allow for more energy to be derived from the forage, lowering the amount of concentrates needed.

  • It is also important to balance for carbohydrate and amino acids while incorporating some key rumen modifiers.

  • Good quality corn silage also enables the farmers to feed more to the cows.

  • In order to get high quality forage, it is important to emphasis on cutting hay at the proper moisture and maturity.

  • Proper packing and bunk management is also crucial to maintain high quality forages.

  • Finally, it is important to constantly review and talk about the ration to see if it can be improved and to review annual goals that were set and see if they are on track.

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