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Rations For Close Up, Fresh Cows

Rations For Close Up, Fresh Cows

Rations for close up and fresh cows are crucial and expensive. With that being said, the investment in the nutrients given to these cows pays off in reduced metabolic disorders and better transition into lactation. Here are some tips for rations for close up and fresh cows:

  • Amino acids are now used more commonly in rations.

  • A metabolizble protein (MP) level of 1,200 to 1,300 g per day is normally implemented by many nutritionists.

  • Supplementation of methionine to the animals in the close up group has also showed increased in milk production postpartum.

  • Antioxidants, including Vitamin E are also very beneficial for the cows during transition period.

  • Studies have showed that increased levels of vitamin E have resulted in improved measures of immune function or improved mammary gland health.

  • B vitamins also plays a role in both energy and protein metabolism.

  • Choline is also very beneficial when fed to the cows as studies have shown that they help to improve dry matter intake and milk yield when choline was fed prepartum and postpartum.

  • Chromium on the other hand helps with the regulation of glucose metabolism. It also helps to reduce incidence of ketosis.

  • Monensin is an ionophore that helps with propionate production in the rumen.

  • Research shows that feeding monensin prepartum helps to decrease blood BHBA and blood NEFA. This translates to decrease in ketosis incidence.

  • In summary, many nutrients have been evaluated through studies and research and have benefits of reduced metabolic disorders and increased milk in early lactation.

  • Each farm faces different challenges, so different solutions are needed depending on the farm's needs.

  • Work with your management to figure out your best option.

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