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10 Ways To Improve Your Dairy's Culture

10 Ways To Improve Your Dairy's Culture

Positive culture is something to aspire to for dairy farmers. Here are 10 ways to help improve your dairy's culture:

1. Engage your team when making decisions

  • It is important to engage those whom the change will have impact.

  • Ask for options or recommendation when addressing a problem.

  • It is also encouraged to ask employees how they define whether the goal has been achieved.

  • This will help gather input and determine knowledge and understanding at the same time.

2. Engage in conflict instead of ignoring it

  • When handling conflict constructively, criticism can be often a source of innovation.

  • Immediately engage the conflicts through good communications.

  • Having direct and open communication with your team shows that you care about them and you wish to focus on the organization's well being.

3. Focus on what is right instead of wrong

  • When an action is being done well, immediately give that person responsible recognition.

  • Encourage your team to offer positive reinforcement to each other.

  • Thank your team when they are doing a good job.

  • Develop expectations and goals for your team and formally recognize excellent performance.

4. Point out the good

  • When you see an employee doing a good job, compliment and encourage them.

  • People thrive when they feel they are believed in.

  • Thank them for their great work and positively reinforce the desired behaviors.

5. Build constructive human relationship skills

  • Firstly, it is important to be honest and recognized how you are perceived.

  • Listen, listen listen when asking for feedback.

  • Thank them for their honesty and practice what they have coached.

6. Encourage your team to think

  • It is one of the greatest gift to your team if you can help them develop critical thinking skills.

  • Help your employees build the skills and knowledge, enabling them to make good decisions.

  • Review from any past mistakes and recognize success.

7. Focus on human well being

  • How you treat your people is how your people will treat your customers.

  • It is crucial to focus on the well being of your employee.

  • Take care of your employees by listening and engaging them.

  • Strive to make your dairy culture fun which will enable owners to attract and retain the best team.

8. We, not me

  • Dairy farmers should try their best to support their employees in any way they can.

  • One of it is to pay attention to the employee needs for doing jobs safely and well.

  • Listen, do, discuss and consider their point of view.

  • Be open minded to new ideas.

9. Listen to your employees

  • It is crucial to listen to the feelings and thoughts of your employees.

  • One way to do this is to walk with your employees and do their jobs with them to show them that you understand and you care about what they face every day.

  • This may help employees that have trouble communicating from a language standpoint.

10. Actions speak louder than words

  • Be the role model that practices the behavior you want to see.

  • Owners and leaders must walk the talk and be the change you want to see.

  • It takes time to change behavior so patience is crucial.

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