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Importance of Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship

Importance of Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship

When a veterinarian and dairy producer are actively engaged, the overall health and performance of the herd increases. Here are some areas to look over on your veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR):

1. Health and protocol recommendations

  • A VCPR will allow a veterinarian to treat your animals and encourages you to be open for consultation and advice from your veterinarian.

  • Your veterinarian should be familiar with your operation, your herd and the individual animals in order to help you create treatment protocols tailored to your needs..

  • Your veterinarian is also the export in choosing the right products that will prevent disease and can provide best advice for treatment of any disease.

2) Maintaining regular visits and communication

  • You and your veterinarian should maintain relationship through regular visits and communication.

  • Your veterinarian needs to visit often enough to have a good knowledge of your operations, including information about the care of your animals, what products are being used, level of disease and prevention in place.

3) Complying with regulations

  • Your veterinarian would be in the best position to help you prevent residues and can provide oversight of treatments and compliance.

  • As the owner, you would be responsible for following and making sure your employees comply with your veterinarian's instruction for treatment.

  • Training needs to be conducted to help your employees understand why following protocol is crucial.

4) Documentation

  • It is encouraged to have a signed document acknowledging that a VCPR exists between you and your veterinarian and that you agree to follow the instructions of your veterinarian.

5) Commitment from you and your veterinarian

  • It takes effort from both sides to establish and maintaining a VCPR.

  • Veterinarians are responsible to help you protect and increase performance for your herd but at the same time, as a producer, you have the responsibility to follow the veterinarian's instruction.

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