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8 Cow Comfort Tips

8 Cow Comfort Tips

It is crucial that the cows are comfortable as it will increase productivity and have better health. Here are 8 cow comfort tips:

1) Ensure sufficient space

  • The general rule is to have bigger space for mature dairy cows as they are bigger in size.

  • This would enable the cows for resting, eating, drinking and walking.

2) Less stress

  • Providing the cows a low stress environment will help to increase production.

  • When the cows are happier, they are healthier as well.

3) Design the facilities for cows, not employees

  • When designing the barn, make sure it caters to the needs of the cows as the main focus.

  • Good barn design will produce healthier cows, which in turn increases productivity.

4) Feeding balanced diet

  • Work with your vet and nutritionist to ensure a balanced diet is fed to the cows.

  • This will ensure sufficient energy for the cows to produce maximum amount of milk.

5) Making sure the facility is clean

  • Regardless if it is walkways or bunks, it is important to make sure they are in tidy and clean condition.

  • This will improve the cow's overall health and performance.

6) Proper ventilation

  • When cows produce milk, heat is generated.

  • Good ventilation will help to prevent heat stress.

  • Heat stress is one of the culprit that decreases performance of the cows.

7) Prevention is better than cure

  • Do not wait for the cows to fall sick to start treating them right.

  • Ensure proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals are provided to the cows.

  • This will enable the cows to be in peak condition, producing more milk, increasing profitability for the farm.

8) Rewarding herd longevity

  • Having 10 + year old cows still producing milk is a fantastic scenario.

  • Strive to have a herd that still produces milk for a long period of time.

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