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Collecting Heifer Data To Discover Potential Opportunities

Collecting Heifer Data To Discover Potential Opportunities

Collecting your heifer data can help to understand if your heifer nutrition program is on track. It will also provide opportunities to improve the nutrition, management or the environment in which the heifer is being raised.

Here are some tips in collecting heifer data:

1) Measure the basic metrics

  • Measure the weights and hip heights during:

  • Birth

  • Weaning

  • 4 - 6 months

2) Setting goals

  • It is important to set goals for your herd.

  • Compare your animal's weight and height to the industry standard to gauge if you are exceeding the average expectation.

  • Consult your nutritionist or vet to help improve heifer's growth.

3) Measuring progress

  • It is important to evaluate goals on a regular basis.

  • If it is not possible to monitor frequently, focus on the youngest heifer.

  • It is also important to evaluate:

  • Treatment cost

  • Mortality rate

  • Pregnancy rate

  • Milk production

4) Evaluating success

  • After collecting all the data, evaluate if you are progressing towards your goals.

  • Can you still make adjustments and improve?

  • Continue to look for opportunities to set new goals and improve your herd's performance.

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