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Importance Of Communication In The Calf Barn

Importance Of Communication In The Calf Barn

Good communication in the calf barn is key if you want to have a successful herd. To improve communication, 3 main areas of focus are ensure the right people are positioned at the right place, sticking to protocols and acknowledge when employees are doing great work.

Putting the right people at the right place

  • It is important to have the right person for the right job.

  • For example, a gentle person is more suitable to feed colostrum to newborns, whereas a fast paced person is more suitable for putting out bottles for calves.

  • A good manager must make sure immediate needs are met while working towards long-term goals.

  • Making sure the right people is at the right job is one of those decisions that will affect long term success of the farm.

Sticking to a plan

  • Making sure everyone sticks to a plan, working towards a goal is crucial for the farm's success.

  • A protocol should be a working document so that any changes are documented.

  • Training should be structured and constantly improved to prevent any future miscommunication.

  • Involve the employees in this process.

  • Keeping employees engaged is crucial to make sure they are satisfied with their jobs, sticking with the same employer for long periods of time.

  • Having good protocols and sticking to them could pay dividends later with increased calf health and productivity.

  • Managers should also encourage their employees to ask more questions as open communication is good for solving any potential issues.

Acknowledging employees

  • When an employee does a good job, do not be stingy with your praise.

  • Thanking an employee or telling them they did a good job is often times more meaningful than other recognition.

  • This makes the employee feel appreciated so that they strive to do good work.

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