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Some Tips On Winter Forage

Some Tips On Winter Forage

During winter time, normally you either feed your cattle with stored forages or grazing dormant forages. Here are some tips on winter forage:

1) Evaluating forage inventory

  • The first thing to look out for during winter is your forage inventory.

  • How much feed do you have available?

  • Will it be enough to fulfill winter cattle requirements?

  • Work with your nutritionist to help figure out if you need additional forages to last the winter.

2) Evaluate forage quality

  • It is crucial to evaluate forage quality.

  • Knowing the forage quality will allow you to match pounds and quality inventory to cattle requirements.

  • Avoid eyeballing forage quality as it is not accurate. This may have risk of not meeting cattle requirements.

3) Filling in the forage gap

  • Create a diet plan to match forage quality and quantity.

  • If there is a gap, protein will often be the first limiting nutrient.

  • Having quality cattle supplement will help filling nutrient gap as well as optimizing digestibility and intake of low quality winter forage.

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