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Some Tips To Survive Corn Silage Harvest

Some Tips To Survive Corn Silage Harvest

Whether you are harvesting corn silage or hay, it will always seemed like there are countless things to do. Here are some tips to stay positive during harvesting:

1) Keeping extra phone charger near you

  • While busy harvesting, your phone may run out of battery.

  • It is important to keep an extra phone charger so that you are able to communicate at all times if there are any emergencies.

2) Packing snacks

  • The days are long during harvesting.

  • It is important to have enough food so that you do not become hungry.

3) Stretching

  • Take a break once in a while and stretch to release stress.

  • Constantly being in a stressful situation is not healthy to you.

4) Asking for help

  • When there are countless things to do all day, it may seemed difficult to ask for help.

  • However, delegating your job to others is definitely a more productive solution than trying to do everything yourself.

5) Take frequent breaks

  • It is crucial to take breaks often.

  • Constantly working is not only stressful but it may not be productive.

  • Taking a break may even increase productivity as you are well rested.

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