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Some Tips To Achieve 30,000 Pounds Of Milk Production

Some Tips To Achieve 30,000 Pounds Of Milk Production

Most farmers would think achieving an average herd of more than 30,000 pounds of milk to be unrealistic. However, there are farmers that are already achieved this and more and more farmers are getting close to this goal. Here are some tips to help achieving this goal:


  • Getting 30,000 pounds of milk requires attention.

  • Make sure your farm is having a culture of "team approach" as it takes more than 1 person to achieve such goal.

Improved technologies

  • It is crucial for farms to invest and implement new technologies.

  • Continue to evaluate what new technologies are available.

  • Challenge your vet or nutritionist to bring new technology to the table.

Next level nutrition

  • Focus not just on the math of nutrition but also on biological significance of nutrients.

  • For example, it is observed that there are improvements in reproduction when specific fatty acids are fed during dry and transition periods followed by feeding omega 3 fatty acids during lactating period.

Comfortable cows

  • Make sure the cows are comfortable.

  • Constantly evaluate to see if you can make your cows more comfortable as it will improve milk production.

Fresh cows

  • Fresh cows set the pace for the entire herd.

  • The first 60 days post calving will define the cow's lactation.

  • Hence, in order for the herd to hit its production goals, the fresh cow program must be optimal.

  • In order for herd to achieve 30,000 pounds of milk, fresh cows need to peak at slightly more than 110 pounds, with the assumption of a herd with 35% heifers.

  • In order to achieve 35,000 pounds of milk, animals would need to peak at 132 pounds for mature cows and 121 pounds for heifers.


  • Make sure your reproduction program is fine tuned.

  • Pregnancy rates should be in the high 20s - 30%.

  • Evaluate how many days it takes to notice cows that are not pregnant.

  • If cows are caught on the next 21 day heat cycle, then you are on the right track.

  • If it takes 40 days before the cows are caught, then more work needs to be done.

  • If a herd has an excellent reproduction program, nutrition can make a much higher impact on its milk production potential compared to a herd with lower pregnancy rates.

Investing in calves

  • It is crucial for farms to invest in calves.

  • Everything begins at birth.

  • 30,000 pounds cannot be achieved without strong focus on the young.

Making the decision

  • Ultimately, you have to make a conscious decision to make it happen.

  • Align yourself with your vet and nutritionist to make sure everyone has the same goal of making it happen.

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