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Fibre Requirements For Cows

Fibre Requirements For Cows

Cows need a certain amount of fibre to ensure rumen fuctions properly. Minimum fibre requirements for cows are shown below:

Fibre measurement vs minimum amount of dietary fibre (%DM)

Neutral Detergent Fibre: 30%

Acid Detergent Fibre: 19%

Crude Fibre: 17%

  • Low fibre, high starch diets will cause the cow's rumen to be acidic.

  • Grain poisoning, also known as acidosis my occur.

  • One way to combat this is by adding buffers such as sodium bicarbonate to the diet to help reduce acidity.

  • Buffers are usually recommended when grain feeding per day is more than 4 - 5kg grain/cow.

  • Buffers are not a substitute for fibre.

  • Hence, long term feeding of low fibre diet should be avoided if possible.

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