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Managing Cow Lactation Cycle (Part 2)

Managing Cow Lactation Cycle (Part 2)

From calving to peak lactation

  • Milk yield at peak of lactation cycle will set up potential milk production for the year.

  • 1 extra kg per day at peak can produce an extra 200kg/cow over the entire lactation cycle.

  • There are a number of things to consider when feeding the herd early in lactation cycle to maximise the peak.

  • One of the important thing to look out for is voluntary food ntake.

  • At calving, appetite is only about 50 - 70% of max peak intake.

  • This is because during dry period, the growing calf takes up space, reducing rumen volume and density of rumen papillae is reduced.

  • After calving, it takes time for rumen to stretch and papillae to regrow.

  • It is not until week 10 - 12 where appetite reaches full potential.

Peak lactation to peak intake

  • During this period, cows' appetite will slowly increase until they can consume all the nutrients required for production, provided the diet is high of quality.

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