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Tips On Feeding Fats In Dairy Rations

Feeding proper ratio of fatty acids in the diet can help cows improve yield tremendously.

1) Feed a blend of fats

  • Remember that not all fats are created equal.

  • For example, palmitic acid will help with milk fat while oleic acid will boost yield and promote bodyweight gain.

  • Hence, proper ratio needs to be adjusted at the right time for optimal benefits.

  • Once cow reached peak milk and they are at ideal body weight, oleic acid should be reduced.

  • During peak lactation, more palmitic should be used as it helps with milk fat.

2) Feeding fats to fresh cows

  • It may be worth considering feeding fats to fresh cow.

  • From research, cows did not lose extra bodyweight compared to control group without fats.

  • Instead, by feeding cows with a blend of 60:30 palmitic acid to oleic acid resulted in 4.5kg/cow/day increase in energy corrected milk (ECM) over fresh period.

3) Feed fats to boost milk from forage?

  • Studies have shown that feeding palmitic acid resulted in a 2-4% unit improvement in neutral detergent fiber digestibility when fed at 0.75 - 2% of total diet dry matter.

  • Hence, adding fatty acid into diet can help to boost milk from forage.

  • This is especially useful when farmers are faced with poorer quality forage.

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