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Some Strategies For Feeding High Producing Cows

Some Strategies For Feeding High Producing Cows

Here are some strategies for feeding high producing cows:

  • Cows usually like to eat after milk. Hence, it is a good idea to have fresh feed available in the feed bunk immediately after milking to encourage feed consumption. Productive cows will eat up to 12 meals per day, averaging 23 minutes each meal.

  • If you are feeding concentrates separately from forages, best to feed them several times a day.

  • Feeds should be available to the cows at least 20 hours per day.

  • Hay should generally be fed before grain in the morning.

  • Protein supplements should be fed with energy sources.

  • Forages should be checked to ensure there is enough long fiber.

  • If there are two forages being fed, it is better to mix them than fed separately.

  • If feed intake is lower than usual, check the non fiber carbohydrate level, forage particle size as well as water quality.

Feeding Frequency:

  • Increased feeding frequency will help to reduce daily variations in terms of rumen pH.

  • Proper range and consistency of rumen pH is crucial in fiber digestion.

Feeding sequence:

  • Feeding sequence also affects rumen function.

  • If forage and concentrates are being fed separately, forages should be fed first thing in the morning followed by a portion of grain mix.

  • Feeding protein and carbohydrates together will result in higher milk fat percentage than feeding them separately.

  • This is because rumen microbes require both energy and protein to grow.

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