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Some Tips To Reduce Feed Cost

Some Tips To Reduce Feed Cost

Feed cost has been increasing lately. Here are some tips to help reduce feeding cost: 1) Knowing cow's requirement

  • It is important to know what lactation cycle is the cow currently at.

  • This would enable you to plan the proper nutrition requirement for the cows for maximum growth and production.

2) Testing hay quality

  • Not all hay is made the same.

  • It is important to get your hay tested in the lab and this will give you more accurate information on how to feed your cows.

3) Feeding less in confinement

  • It has been observed that cows require less feed when in confined spaces.

  • Hence, during winter, you can reduce your feed as we suspect due to cow's inactivity, less energy is required.

4) Feeding in a bunk

  • Cows fed dried distillers'grains on the ground waste up to 40%.

  • In a bunk, waste is usually at 5%.

  • Hence, it always make sense to feed in a bunk when possible.

5) Choosing silage based on nutritional value

  • Often time, farmers will just pick silage with lowest cost.

  • However, what is more important is to look at the nutritional value of the silage.

  • If what you need is more crude protein based, pick the ones with higher crude protein content even if it may cost more.

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