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Some Tips To Keep Dairy Cows Cool

Some Tips To Keep Dairy Cows Cool

When temperature rises, cows will start to experience heat stress. This will cause a lost in appetite and a drop in milk production. Here are some tips to help cool the cows: 1) Drinking water

  • It is crucial that the cows have sufficient fresh water available all day.

  • There should also be 3 inches per cow in the pen of space along water trough to help decrease competition among the cows.

2) Shade

  • Research has shown that cows under shade has a 10 - 20% increase in milk production as compared to those without shade.

  • For high producing cows, shade is crucial.

  • However, do not neglect heifers and dry cows or sick cows as well. Ensure they have shade when needed.

3) Fans

  • Fans are useful tool to help remove heat.

  • Choose fans that are abut 36 - 48 inches wide and place them 8 feet off the ground, 20 feet apart.

  • Ensure that fans are spread evenly across the barn to help create good airflow in all areas.

4) Sprinklers

  • Sprinklers combine with fans will provide the best heat removal in most commercial barns by using evaporation to help cool the cows.

  • A good sequence is to have sprinklers on for about 3 minutes for the cows to soak the water.

  • After that, allow the fan ample of time to evaporate and cool the animals.

  • Sprinklers should not be close to the bed as it will increase moisture which will cause mastitis.

5) Misters

  • Farmers are also advised to use misters when possible.

  • Misters can be attached to fan over the beds to provide evaporative cooling of air in the barn.

  • Misters are designed in such a way that they evaporate before settling on the beds.

  • These systems work best in low humidity and high airflow environments. It should not be used in high humidity or closed environment.

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