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Advantages Of Feeding TMR

Advantages Of Feeding TMR

A TMR is a method of feeding cows that combines feeds formulated to a specific nutrient content into a single feed mix. The mix may contain:

  • Forages

  • Grain

  • Protein

  • Minerals

  • Additives

  • Fat

Advantages of TMR

  • With every bite, the cows will eat a nutrient balanced ration.

  • Cows will eat a fixed amount of forages and concentrate for high production and ood health.

  • TMR decreases risk of digestive upset and stabilizes rumen pH.

  • TMR mixers can help to reduce labour cost.

  • It is also able to provide more control and accuracy over the amount of feed given as compared to separate ingredients.

  • Feeding TMR that is well balanced for your herd can increase milk production of 1 - 2.5kg per cow daily.

  • Milk fat and other components can increase.

  • It is much easier to measure daily feed intake.

  • This information will help you to calculate and balance the ration to avoid wasting any feed.

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