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Disadvantages Of Feeding TMR

Disadvantages Of Feeding TMR

Although there are many good reasons to feed TMR to your cows, there could be some disadvantages to consider before switching to TMR feeding.

Disadvantages of TMR Feeding:

  • All the cows in the group get same ration. It is not possible to feed individual cow based on her needs.

  • A mixer is needed to correctly feed a TMR and it can be costly.

  • Dry forages such as hay or straw do not mix well in some TMR mixers.

  • Extra equipment may be needed to chop the hay or straw before adding to the mixer.

  • Cows need to be group properly before feeding.

  • The cows that are in the same group should have similar milk production and body weight.

  • If the cows have a big difference in milk production or body weight, they may be over or underfed which can cause milk production loses.

  • Ensure you have at least 3 lactating cow groups for effective TMR feeding.

  • If TMR is not formulated properly, all the cows will be getting insufficient nutrients.

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