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Some Tips On Caring For Dairy Cows

Some Tips On Caring For Dairy Cows

Caring for dairy cows can be a challenge especially if you are new to this business. Here are some tips to care for dairy cows:

Quality feeding

  • The first and most important part of caring for dairy cows is to feed quality food.

  • In order to have high producing and healthy cows, proper and sufficient quality good must be given to the cows.

  • Grain and silage are the most common food for the dairy cows.

  • Dairy cows would also need a lot of green feeds to help improve milk production.

  • Sufficient clean and fresh water must also be available to the cows.

  • As for raising dairy cows on pasture, make sure that the pasture is fresh and safe.

  • Switch the paddocks on a regular basis if your cows are on rotational grazing schedule.

  • It is highly encouraged to make sure your dairy cows are getting a formulated ration which are high in calcium, energy, protein as well as phosphorus.

  • This will ensure the cows are in good health and increases productivity.


  • Keep the living place of your cows as clean and fresh as possible.

  • Make sure the feeding, staying and milking area is always clean.

  • Replace dirty bedding that has been soiled from manure.

  • Keeping the place clean will help to prevent mastitis to your herd.

Regular checking for illness

  • You need to check your cows regularly to make sure there is no sign of injury or illness.

  • If you noticed something wrong, quickly get your veterinarian to take a look.

  • Cows highly susceptible to mastitis and lameness issue, hence proper care is needed.


  • Cows need to be milked twice a day.

  • Usually they are being milk once every 12 hours.

  • You can milk them with either hand or machine.

  • If you have more than 3 cows, using a machine is definitely more efficient.

  • Ensure the milking equipment is always clean before using it.

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