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Some Tips On What And How To Feed Dairy Cows

Some Tips On What And How To Feed Dairy Cows

Dairy cow will produce plentiful and healthy milk if you know how to feed her. These tips will help you to increase the productivity of your herd.

Basics for feeding cows

  • Cows are able to absorb nutrients from pasture grasses and leaves.

  • It is encouraged to plant pasture with legumes such as alfalfa since grasses alone do not have enough nutrienst.

  • To maximize the food value, cows must it the plant when it is green and tender.

  • After the cows eat the plants but before the land is overgrazed, move the cows to new pasture so that the first area can rejuvenate.

  • By rotating pastures, the cows will have a steady supply of nutritious roughage.

Tips on hay

  • During winter, hay are needed to feed the cows. It should be green and tender.

  • It is best to cut them as it blooms.

  • Around 2.5 - 3kg of top quality hay per 100kg of body weight will meet the cow's daily nutritional needs.

Boosting milk production

  • To boost productivity of the cows, it is best to provide a mixture of grain and high protein meal. Popular choices are oats, corn and barley.

  • Feeding the cows with supplements that already mixed in proper proportion for lactating cows is encouraged.

  • Provide high protein diet twice daily. Make the changes gradually or else the cow may develop a bloat.

  • Besides good feed, one of the most important factor for high quality milk is free access to clean and fresh water.

  • It is best to have clean water at the pasture and cow's stall.

  • Change the water at least twice per day to ensure it is fresh.

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