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Calving Plan

Calving Plan

If having higher milk production is the goal, it is crucial to plan ahead. Calving plays an important role to ensure high milk yield. Here are some tips on calving plan:

Calving plan

  • Look at your past calving seasons. Analyse to see if there is room for improvement.

  • Plan the set up of calving shed in advance. Compare it to the previous years to see if improvements can be made.

  • Ensure sufficient supplies are stored ahead of time. Make sure essential equipment and materials such as tags, spare needles and animal health products are available.

  • Clean and check your calf feeders. Repair any that are showing wear and tear.

  • Appoint someone to make sure calving kit is fully stocked.

  • Calving kit should include lubricant, mechanical calf pullers, antibiotic, antiseptic and so on. It should be stored in a container where everyone on the farm can access.

  • Work out and set a procedure that all the staff is aware of and make sure it is simple to follow.

  • Compile a list of contacts and phone numbers of your staff so that they can be contacted during emergency.

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