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Signs Of Healthy Cows

Signs Of Healthy Cows

With some practice, it is easy to identify a healthy dairy cow. Here are some signs to look for in a healthy cow:

1) General appearance

  • The cow is alert and aware of its surroundings.

  • It stands squarely on all four feet and holds its head high.

2) Movement

  • The animal walks easily and steadily.

  • Steps are regular and she will be able to get up easily.

3) Eyes & Ears

  • The eyes should be bright and alert.

  • Ears should be upright and move to pick up any sound.

4) Breathing and pulse

  • The animal should have smooth and regular breathing at rest.

  • Activity or hot weather will increase the breathing rate.

  • The cow's pulse can be felt on the tail and short distance below the base.

  • Measure the pulse by holding the tail lightly with thumb and forefinger.

  • Normal rate of pulse should be 40 - 80 beats/min in adult animal and slightly higher in young animals.

5) Dung/urine

  • The dung of an healthy animal is soft.

  • If the dung is watery, means the cow is experiencing diarrhoea.

  • If the cow is having difficulty defecating, means there are signs of illness.

  • Urine should be clear and the cow should be able to urine with no sign of pain.

6) Appetite and rumination

  • Cow should be able to eat and drink normally.

  • If feed is available, it will have a full belly.

  • When healthy cows are at rest, they will be ruminating.

  • If the animal is showing signs of no appetite, it means that there could be signs of ill health.

7) Milk

  • There should be no swelling of the udder and no pain when it is touched.

  • Sudden decrease in milk production is a sign of unwell cow.

  • Blood in milk signals udder infection.

8) Body temperature

  • High temperature shows that there is sign of infection.

  • Consult your vet and treat the cow immediately.

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