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Ways To Increase Milk Quality

Ways To Increase Milk Quality

Outstanding milk quality herds will have a few factors that do not vary with herd sizes or type of operations. Here are some of the common factors:

1) Consistent cow handling

  • Make sure handling method of cows are consistent so that clean, calm cows enter the milking facility at every milking.

2) Consistent milk procedures

  • Make sure that whoever is milking the cows follow the same milking procedures.

  • Goal is to aim for 10 to 12 seconds of teat contact time during preparation followed by attaching units at 90 to 120 seconds after teats are first touched.

  • When cows have standardized milking routine, they produce 5.5% more milk in their lactation cycle as compared to cows that do not have standard routine.

  • Consistent udder preparation will also reduce average milking time.

  • As average milking time is reduced, they will have fewer bacteria on teats, hence the infection rate will decrease as well.

3) Ensure that bedding for cows are consistently clean and comfortable.

4) Make sure there is a monitoring program

  • Have some sort of KPI from milking data to measure how well milking is done.

  • If possible, have some method of communicating how technicians performed after every milking session.

5) Make sure you monitor the fresh animals so that they are not infected before placing them in milking pens or groups.

6) Having parts replacement program for milking equipment based on manufacturer's recommendations for the equipment installed in the barn.

  • Have the equipment evaluated consistently so that it performs up to standard.

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